We chose All Star Dance due to the dedication of the staff in helping each dancer reach their highest potential. Miss Wendy opened this studio to help others love the art of dance, and it is continually evident as she invests in studio improvements and specialized teachers. She helped to transform my girls into beautiful dancers and All Star Dance is their second home.

-Renee D.

ASD  has become more than a dance studio, it is a part of our family.  Ms. Wendy, along with all of the other amazing teachers, continue to not only grow my daughters as beautiful dancers, but encourage and model teamwork, confidence, focus, time management, work ethic, and passion for their craft.  We spend many hours each week at this studio and gladly consider it our second home.  We LOVE ASD!

-Cherie B.

My ASD story started off in a rather unusual fashion. As a single father of a young girl of course I had hopes and dreams of soccer, basketball, or softball. Those dreams were shattered ridiculously quick after just one season of soccer and T-ball.

Down and out with nowhere to turn I received a FaceBook invite to the grand opening of All-Star Dance. “Dance? Dance?” I thought to myself… “Are You Kidding Me? No Way!” Luckily against my paternal instincts we decided to go.

Although with the same glaring level of un-athleticism she seemed to actually enjoy dancing. We started off slow with one or two classes a week, and for the first two years it looked like an open second was about as likely as the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.

What I did notice however was that each class ended with hugs, smiles, “I’ll text ya later…” “Byeeeee Miss Wendy…” That’s when I realized that it was far more than just Dance.

It’s now been six years, thousands of hours of practice, hundreds of miles traveled, thousands of dollars spent, countless hugs, smiles, and tears; but that is the foundation of what We are now proud to call our Dance Family!!!

So if you’re child is thinking about joining the All-Star Dance Family this “Dance Dad” strongly encourages you to do so!!!

-Bruce L.

I have been sending my children to All Star Dance for 5 years now, and we love our dance family! All Star offers a wide variety of classes that are taught by people who love working with children and share their passion for the art of dance. As a mom, I take pride in our studio and am always sharing the opportunity to others interested in dance. Whether you are looking for recreational or competitive dance, ASD is the place to be!

-Jen R.

My daughter, Jillian, is beginning her 5th year at ASD.  She absolutely loves the studio and the teachers.  Her dancing ability has grown exceptionally during this time.  Thank you Ms. Wendy Conover and ASD for providing the opportunity at your studio for my daughter to learn and express herself through her love for dance!

-Sharon W.